Chapter 1. DocBook Element Coverage
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Documentation for XSL params, vars and templates

Ramon Casellas

James Devenish

$Date: 2004/01/25 03:01:36 $

Table of Contents

1. DocBook Element Coverage
2. DocBook Element Templates
I. DocBook Driver docbook.xsl
/ - Root node
* - Catches unhandled elements
II. The DB2LaTeX mapping system latex.mapping.xsl
latex.mapping.xml - The primary mapping file
latex.mapping.xml.default - The default mapping file
latex.mapping - Perform DocBook to LaTeX mapping
extract.object.title - Choose a title for an object
title (in latex mode) - Process title elements
III. DB2LaTeX Localisation
Afrikaans (af) - Afrikaans-language phrases and symbols
Arabic (ar) - Arabic-language phrases and symbols
Bulgarian (bg) - Bulgarian-language phrases and symbols
Bangla (bn) - Bangla-language phrases and symbols
Catalan (ca) - Catalan-language phrases and symbols
Czech (cs) - Czech-language phrases and symbols
Danish (da) - Danish-language phrases and symbols
German (de) - German-language phrases and symbols
Greek (el) - Greek-language phrases and symbols
English (en) - Generic English-language phrases and symbols
Spanish (es) - Generic Spanish-language phrases and symbols
Estonian (et) - Estonian-language phrases and symbols
Basque (eu) - Basque-language phrases and symbols
Finnish (fi) - Finnish-language phrases and symbols
French (fr) - Generic French-language phrases and symbols
Hebrew (he) - Hebrew-language phrases and symbols
Croatian (hr) - Croatian-language phrases and symbols
Hungarian (hu) - Hungarian-language phrases and symbols
Indonesian (id) - Indonesian-language phrases and symbols
Italian (it) - Italian-language phrases and symbols
Japanese (ja) - Japanese-language phrases and symbols
Korean (ko) - Korean-language phrases and symbols
Latin (la) - Latin-language phrases and symbols
Lithuanian (lt) - Lithuanian-language phrases and symbols
Dutch (nl) - Dutch-language phrases and symbols
Nynorsk (nn) - Nynorsk-language phrases and symbols
Norwegian (no) - Norwegian-language phrases and symbols
Polish (pl) - Polish-language phrases and symbols
Portuguese (pt) - Portuguese-language phrases and symbols
Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_br) - Portuguese (Brazil)-language phrases and symbols
Romanian (ro) - Romanian-language phrases and symbols
Russian (ru) - Russian-language phrases and symbols
Slovak (sk) - Slovak-language phrases and symbols
Slovenian (sl) - Slovenian-language phrases and symbols
Serbian (sr) - Serbian-language phrases and symbols
Serbian in Latin script (sr_Latn) - Serbian in Latin script-language phrases and symbols
Swedish (sv) - Swedish-language phrases and symbols
Thai (th) - Thai-language phrases and symbols
Turkish (tr) - Turkish-language phrases and symbols
Ukranian (uk) - Ukranian-language phrases and symbols
Vietnamese (vi) - Vietnamese-language phrases and symbols
Xhosa (xh) - Xhosa-language phrases and symbols
Chinese (Continental) (zh_cn) - Chinese (Continental)-language phrases and symbols
Chinese (Traditional) (zh_tw) - Chinese (Traditional)-language phrases and symbols
IV. Abstracts abstract.mod.xsl
abstract - Process abstract elements
V. Admonitions admonition.mod.xsl
latex.admonition.environment - Declares a new environment to be used for admonitions
admon.graphic - Choose an admonition graphic
note|important|warning|caution|tip - Process admonitions
VI. Authorgroups authorgroup.mod.xsl
authorgroup - Process authorgroup elements
author|editor|othercredit|personname - Process names of authors and similar elements
authorinitials - Process authorinitials elements
VII. Bibliographies biblio.mod.xsl
latex.preamble.essential.biblio - Essential preamble for biblio.mod.xsl support
bibliography - Process bibliography elements
processing-instruction('bibtex-bibliography') - Process bibtex-bibliography nodes
bibliodiv - Process bibliodiv elements
biblioentry (in bibliography.cited mode) - Process biblioentry elements
biblioentry (in bibliography.all mode) - Process biblioentry elements
biblioentry - Process biblioentry elements
biblioentry.output - Format biblioentries
VIII. Block Objects block.mod.xsl
content-templates - Generic handler for interior elements of block-formatted components
block.object - Generic handler for block-formatted components
blockquote - A quotation set off from the main text (not inline)
epigraph - A short inscription that occurs at the beginning of a section, chapter, or document
attribution - This template produces no output
attribution (in block.attribution mode) - The source of a block quote or epigraph
sidebar - A block of text that is isolated from the main flow
title|subtitle - Titles and subtitles
title|subtitle (in caption.mode mode) - Captions generated from titles
ackno - Acknowledgements in an article
generate.latex.float.position - Interpret a user's placement preferences for certain LaTeX floats
generate.latex.width - Convert a DocBook width string into a LaTeX dimension.
IX. Books and Articles book-article.mod.xsl
book - Process a DocBook book document
book/title - Process title elements
book/subtitle - Process subtitle elements
book/bookinfo/title - Process title elements
book/bookinfo/subtitle - Process subtitle elements
book/bookinfo - Process bookinfo elements
generate.bookinfo.copyright - Process bookinfo's copyright elements
bookinfo/copyright - Process bookinfo's copyright elements
book/article - Process a book's article elements
article - Process a DocBook article document
articleinfo/date|artheader/date - Process date in articleinfo elements
article/artheader|article/articleinfo (in standalone.article mode) - Process articleinfo in article elements
article/artheader|article/articleinfo (in mode) - Process articleinfo in article elements
legalnotice - Process legalnotice elements
legalnotice.title - Choose a title for legalnotices
toc - Generate and typeset a toc
lot - Generate and typeset a toc
generate.latex.pagestyle - Choose the preferred page style for document body
X. Free-floating Headings bridgehead.mod.xsl
bridgehead - Process bridgehead elements
XI. Callouts callout.mod.xsl
latex.preamble.essential.callout - Essential preamble for callout.mod.xsl support
programlistingco|screenco - Process programlistingco and screenco elements
areaspec|areaset - Process areaset-related elements
co - Process co-related elements
calloutlist - Process calloutlist elements
calloutlist/title - Process titles for calloutlist elements
callout - Process callout elements
generate.callout.arearefs - Determine a callout's arearefs
callout (in generate.callout.arearef mode) - Format a callout's arearefs
area (in generate.area.arearef mode) - Illustrate a reference to a callout's area
area (in generate.arearef mode) - Illustrate a reference to a callout's area
area (in generate.arearef.calspair mode) - Illustrate a reference to a callout's area
area (in generate.arearef.linerange mode) - Illustrate a reference to a callout's area
area - Illustrate a callout's area as part of an image or listing
area (in generate.area.areamark mode) - Illustrate a callout's area as part of an image or listing
area (in generate.areamark mode) - Illustrate a callout's area as part of an image or listing
area (in generate.areamark.calspair mode) - Illustrate a callout's area as part of an image or listing
area (in generate.area.areasymbol mode) - Illustrate a callout's area as part of an image or listing
callout (in generate.callout.areasymbol mode) - Illustrate a callout's area as part of an image or listing
imageobjectco - Process imageobjectco elements
imageobjectco/imageobject - Process a imageobjectco's imageobject elements
XII. Citations citation.mod.xsl
citation - Process citation elements
latex.preamble.essential.citation - Essential preamble for citation.mod.xsl support
XIII. Chapter-level Components component.mod.xsl
dedication|colophon|preface|partintro - Process some simply chapter-level components
XIV. Dingbats dingbat.mod.xsl
dingbat - Generate a LaTeX dingbat
XV. E-mail Addreses email.mod.xsl
email - Process email elements
XVI. Examples example.mod.xsl
example - Process example elements
informalexample - Process informalexample elements
XVII. Figures and InformalFigures figure.mod.xsl
generate.aux.figure.caption - Typeset a caption for a formal figure
figure - Process figure elements
generate.aux.informalfigure.caption - Typeset a caption for an informal figure
informalfigure - Process informalfigure elements
XVIII. Footnotes footnote.mod.xsl
footnote - Process footnote elements
latex.preamble.essential.footnote - Essential preamble for footnote.mod.xsl support - Process ulink elements within footnotes
footnoteref - Process footnote elements
XIX. Formal Objects formal.mod.xsl
formal.object - Typeset a formal object generically
formal.object.title - Typeset the title of a formal object generically
informal.object - Typeset an informal object generically
semiformal.object - Typeset formal or informal object generically
generate.formal.title.placement - Determine the relative position for a caption
equation - Process equation elements
informalequation - Process informalequation elements
XX. Glossaries glossary.mod.xsl
glossary - Process glossary elements
glossdiv|glosslist - Process glossdiv and glosslist elements
glossentry - Process glossentry elements
glossentry/glossterm - Process a glossentry's glossterm elements
glossentry/acronym - Process a glossentry's acronym elements
glossentry/abbrev - Process a glossentry's abbrev elements
glossentry/revhistory - Process a glossentry's revhistory elements
glossentry/glossdef - Process a glossentry's glossdef elements
glossseealso|glosssee - Process glossseealso and glosssee elements
latex.preamble.essential.glossary - Essential preamble for glossary.mod.xsl support
XXI. Graphics graphic.mod.xsl
screenshot - Process screenshot elements
screeninfo - Process screeninfo elements
graphic - Process graphic elements
inlinegraphic - Process inlinegraphic elements
XXII. Indices index.mod.xsl
index|setindex - Process index and setindex elements
latex.preamble.essential.index - Essential preamble for index.mod.xsl support
indexterm - Process indexterm elements
primary (in indexterm mode) - Process the contents of indexterms
secondary|tertiary (in indexterm mode) - Process the contents of indexterms
index.subterm - Process the contents of indexterms
see|seealso (in indexterm mode) - Process the contents of see and seealso elements
indexentry|primaryie|secondaryie|tertiaryie|seeie|seealsoie - Skip indexentry-related elements
XXIII. Inline Elements inline.mod.xsl
inline.charseq - Process regular text
inline.monoseq - Process monospace text
inline.boldseq - Process bold text
inline.italicseq - Process italic text
inline.boldmonoseq - Process bold monospace text
inline.italicmonoseq - Process italic monospace text
inline.superscriptseq - Process superscript text
inline.subscriptseq - Process subscript text
accel - Process accel elements
action - Process action elements
honorific|firstname|surname|lineage|othername - Process name-type elements
application - Process application elements
classname - Process classname elements
copyright - Process copyright elements
copyright/holder - Process a copyright's holder elements
exceptionname - Process exceptionname elements
interfacename - Process interfacename elements
methodname - Process methodname elements
command - Process command elements
computeroutput - Process computeroutput elements
constant - Process constant elements
database - Process database elements
errorcode - Process errorcode elements
errorname - Process errorname elements
errortype - Process errortype elements
envar - Process envar elements
filename - Process filename elements
function - Process function elements
function/parameter - Process a function's parameter elements
function/replaceable - Process a function's replaceable elements
guibutton|guiicon|guilabel|guimenu|guimenuitem|guisubmenu|interface - Process GUI-type elements
hardware - Process hardware elements
interfacedefinition - Process interfacedefinition elements
keycap|keysym - Process keycap and keysym elements
keycode - Process keycode elements
literal - Process literal elements
medialabel - Process medialabel elements
shortcut - Process shortcut elements
mousebutton - Process mousebutton elements
option - Process option elements
parameter - Process parameter elements
property - Process property elements
prompt - Process prompt elements
replaceable - Process replaceable elements
returnvalue - Process returnvalue elements
structfield - Process structfield elements
structname - Process structname elements
symbol - Process symbol elements
systemitem - Process systemitem elements
token - Process token elements
type - Process type elements
userinput - Process userinput elements
abbrev - Process abbrev elements
acronym - Process acronym elements
citerefentry - Process citerefentry elements
citetitle - Process citetitle elements
corpauthor - Process corpauthor elements
emphasis - Process emphasis elements
emphasis[@role='bold'] - Process emphasis elements with bold role
foreignphrase - Process foreignphrase elements
jobtitle - Process jobtitle elements
markup - Process markup elements
orgdiv - Process orgdiv elements
orgname - Process orgname elements
phrase - Process phrase elements
quote - Process quote elements
varname - Process varname elements
wordasword - Process wordasword elements
lineannotation - Process lineannotation elements
superscript - Process superscript elements
subscript - Process subscript elements
trademark - Process trademark elements
firstterm - Process firstterm elements
glossterm - Process glossterm elements
keycombo - Process keycombo elements
menuchoice - Process menuchoice elements
process.menuchoice - Process menuchoice children (not shortcut)
optional - Process optional elements
comment|remark - Process remark elements
productname - Process productname elements
productnumber - Process productnumber elements
pob|street|city|state|postcode|country|phone|fax|otheraddr - Process address-like elements
beginpage - Process beginpage elements
XXIV. Keywords keywords.mod.xsl
keywordset - Process keywordset elements
keyword - Process keywords
subjectset|subject - Process subjectset elements
XXV. Labels and Anchors for Cross-referencing labelid.mod.xsl - Generate LaTeX labels - Generate a reliable cross-reference id
XXVI. Lists lists.mod.xsl
variablelist/title|orderedlist/title|itemizedlist/title|simplelist/title - Process titles for variablelist, orderedlist, itemizedlist and simplelist elements
listitem - Process listitem elements
itemizedlist - Process itemizedlist elements
variablelist - Process variablelist elements
orderedlist - Process orderedlist elements
varlistentry - Process varlistentry elements
varlistentry/term - Process varlistentry's term elements
varlistentry/listitem - Process listitem elements
generate.simplelist.tabular.string - Generate a tabular specification
generate.simplelist.inline - Process simplelist elements with inline members
generate.simplelist.horiz - Process simplelist elements with horiz members
generate.simplelist.vert - Process simplelist elements with vert members
member - Process member elements
segmentedlist - Process segmentedlist elements
segmentedlist/title - Process titles for segmentedlist elements
segtitle - Process segtitle elements
seglistitem - Process seglistitem elements
seg - Process seg elements
XXVII. Mathematics mathelems.mod.xsl
mathelement - Process mathelement elements
mathelement.environment - Typeset mathelement environments
mathelement/mathhypothesis - Process mathelement/mathhypothesis elements
mathelement/mathremark - Process mathelement/mathremark elements
mathelement/mathexample - Process mathelement/mathexample elements
mathelement/mathproposition - Process mathelement/mathproposition elements
mathelement/maththeorem - Process mathelement/maththeorem elements
mathelement/mathdefinition - Process mathelement/mathdefinition elements
mathelement/mathlemma - Process mathelement/mathlemma elements
mathelement/mathproof - Process mathelement/mathproof elements
mathphrase|mathcondition|mathassertion - Process mathphrase, mathcondition and mathassertion elements
XXVIII. MediaObjects mediaobject.mod.xsl
textobject - Process textobject elements
mediaobject|mediaobjectco - Process mediaobject elements
para/mediaobject|para/mediaobjectco - Process a para's mediaobject elements
inlinemediaobject - Process inlinemediaobject elements
mediacontent - Process media and inline media
imageobject - Process imageobject elements
imagedata - Process imagedata elements
caption - Process caption elements
XXIX. Message Sets msgset.mod.xsl
msgset - Process msgset elements
msgentry - Process msgentry elements
simplemsgentry - Process simplemsgentry elements
msg - Process msg elements
msgmain - Process msgmain elements
msgmain/title|msgsub/title|msgrel/title - Process msgmain's title elements
msgsub - Process msgsub elements
msgrel - Process msgrel elements
msgtext - Process msgtext elements
msginfo - Process msginfo elements
msglevel|msgorig|msgaud - Process msglevel, msgorig and msgaud elements
msgexplan - Process msgexplan elements
XXX. Whitespace Normalization and Character Encoding normalize-scape.mod.xsl
text() - Process text() nodes
text() (in xref.text mode) - Process text() nodes
text() (in xref-to mode) - Process text() nodes
text() (in latex.verbatim mode) - Process text() nodes
text() (in slash.hyphen mode) - Process text() nodes
trim-outer - Whitespace Normalization and Discretionary Elision
scape.slash.hyphen - Process URL text
normalize-scape - Character Escaping and Whitespace Normalization
string-replace - Search-and-replace
XXXI. Paragraphs para.mod.xsl
latex.noparskip - Use normal paragraph spacing instead of parskip spacing
latex.restoreparskip - Use parkip spacing, if user desires it
para|simpara - Process para and simpara elements
formalpara - Process formalpara elements
generate.formalpara.title.delimiter - Delimite a formalpara's title from its para
para-noline - Suppressed paragraphs
XXXII. Parameters: Common Options param-common.mod.xsl - LaTeX location for admonition graphics - Control the escaping of alt text
show.comments - Display remark and comment elements? - Control the display of othername elements in authors
biblioentry.item.separator - Separator for bibliography items
toc.section.depth - Cull table-of-contents entries that are deeply nested
section.depth - Control the automatic numbering of section, parts, and chapters
graphic.default.extension - Default filename extension for includegraphics
use.role.for.mediaobject - Control mediaobject selection methods
preferred.mediaobject.role - Control mediaobject selection methods
formal.title.placement - Specifies where formal component titles should occur - Control the appearance of page numbers in cross references - Control the display of URLs after ulinks
ulink.footnotes - Control the generation of footnotes for ulinks - Honour role as proxy for xrefstyle
refentry.xref.manvolnum - Choose whether to include manvolnum in cross-references - Control the use of NAME headers
rootid - Process only one element tree within a document
XXXIII. Parameters: LaTeX-direct Strings param-direct.mod.xsl
latex.common.pdfdetection - Undocumented
latex.documentclass - DB2LaTeX document class
latex.maketitle - The \maketitle for books and articles.
latex.article.preamble.pre - Undocumented - Undocumented
latex.article.varsets - Controls what is output after the LaTeX preamble. - Undocumented - Undocumented - All purpose commands to change text width, height, counters, etc. Defaults to a two-sided margin layout. - Begin document command - LaTeX code that is output after the author (e.g. \makeglossary
latex.thead.row.entry - Format the output of tabular headings.
latex.tfoot.row.entry - Format the output of tabular footers. - Control the style of inline monospaced text - Control the style of article titles - Control the style of article titles within books - Control the style of authors and dates within a book's articles - Control the style of equation captions - Control the style of example captions - Control the style of figure captions - Control the style of figure titles - Control the style of equation captions - Control the style of list titles - Control the style of admonition titles - Control the style of procedure titles - Control the style of segtitles - Control the style of step titles - Control the style of table captions
latex.pagestyle - Override DB2LaTeX's choice of LaTeX page numbering style
latex.hyperref.param.common - DB2LaTeX hyperref options
latex.hyperref.param.pdftex - DB2LaTeX hyperref options for pdfTeX output
latex.hyperref.param.dvips - DB2LaTeX hyperref options for dvips output
latex.varioref.options - Options for the varioref LaTeX package
latex.vpageref.options - Toggle the use of the varioref LaTeX package
latex.fancyvrb.tabsize - Choose indentation for tabs in verbatim environments
latex.fancyvrb.options - Insert LaTeX options for fancyvrb Verbatim environments
latex.inputenc - Control the use of the inputenc LaTeX package
latex.fontenc - Options for the fontenc package
latex.ucs.options - Select the optional parameter(s) for the unicode LaTeX package
latex.babel.language - Select the optional parameter for the babel LaTeX package
latex.bibwidelabel - Adjust bibliography formatting
latex.documentclass.common - DB2LaTeX document class options
latex.documentclass.article - DB2LaTeX document class options for articles - DB2LaTeX document class options for books
latex.documentclass.pdftex - DB2LaTeX document class options for pdfTeX output
latex.documentclass.dvips - DB2LaTeX document class options for dvips output
latex.admonition.imagesize - DB2LaTeX graphics admonitions size
latex.titlepage.file - DB2LaTeX allows using an (externally generated) cover page
latex.document.font - Document Font(s)
latex.override - Override DB2LaTeX's preamble with a custom preamble.
XXXIV. Parameters: DB2LaTeX Switches param-switch.mod.xsl
latex.caption.lot.titles.only - Control the display of captions in lists of figures.
latex.bibfiles - Control the output of the \bibliography{.bib}. - Controls the output of LaTeX packages and commands to support documents with math commands and environments..
latex.output.revhistory - Controls if the revision history table is generated as the first document table.
latex.fancybox.options - Options for fancybox - Controls the output of LaTeX commands to support the generation of PDF files.
latex.generate.indexterm - Enable the generation of indexterms
latex.hyphenation.tttricks - DB2LaTeX hyphenation linebreak tricks
latex.decimal.point - Decimal point for LaTeX tables
latex.trim.verbatim - Toggle the trimming of leading and trailing whitespace in verbatim environments
latex.use.ltxtable - Toggle the use of the ltxtable LaTeX package
latex.use.longtable - Toggle the use of the longtable LaTeX package
latex.use.overpic - Toggle the use of the overpic LaTeX package
latex.use.umoline - Toggle the use of the umoline LaTeX package
latex.use.url - Toggle the use of the url LaTeX package - Toggle the use of the the draft preamble
latex.use.varioref - Toggle the use of the varioref LaTeX package
latex.use.fancyhdr - Toggle the use of the fancyhdr LaTeX package - Control the inclusion of chapter titles in lots - Configure the application of truncation partitions
latex.fancyhdr.truncation.partition - Configure the width of header portions on each page - Section/chapter style for fancy headers
latex.use.parskip - Toggle the use of the parskip LaTeX package
latex.use.noindent - Toggle the use of noindent commands
latex.use.subfigure - Toggle the use of the subfigure LaTeX package
latex.use.rotating - Toggle the use of the rotating LaTeX package
latex.use.tabularx - Toggle the use of the tabularx LaTeX package
latex.use.dcolumn - Toggle the use of the dcolumn LaTeX package
latex.use.hyperref - Toggle the use of the hyperref LaTeX package
latex.use.fancybox - Toggle the use of the fancybox LaTeX package
latex.use.fancyvrb - Toggle the use of the fancyvrb LaTeX package
latex.use.isolatin1 - Toggle the use of the isolatin1 LaTeX package
latex.use.ucs - Choose whether to use the unicode LaTeX package
latex.biblio.output - Control which references are cited in the bibliography - Control bibliographic citation style
latex.caption.swapskip - Improved typesetting of captions - Control imagedata selection.
latex.entities - Control Unicode character handling. - Control the use of otherterm attributes - Control the use of alt text
latex.apply.title.templates - Whether to apply templates for component titles.
latex.apply.title.templates.admonitions - Whether to apply templates for admonition titles.
latex.url.quotation - Whether to delimit URLs with quotation characters
latex.ulink.protocols.relaxed - Control string comparison for ulinks - Control the suppression of headers/footers on blank pages in double-side documents
XXXV. Parts, Chapters and Appendixes part-chap-app.mod.xsl
set|part|chapter - Process set, part and chapter elements
appendix - Process appendix elements
XXXVI. Processing Instructions pi.mod.xsl
processing-instruction() - Process generic processing instructions
processing-instruction('latex') - Output arbitrary LaTeX text
processing-instruction('db2latex') - Output arbitrary LaTeX text
processing-instruction('db2latex-custom-list') - Output arbitrary LaTeX text in enumerated lists
XXXVII. Variables and Templates used in LaTeX Preamble Generation
generate.latex.article.preamble - Top level template, called by article template, responsible of generating the LaTeX preamble according to user XSL variables and templates. - Top level template, called by book template, responsible of generating the LaTeX preamble according to user XSL variables and templates.
latex.article.preamblestart - Generate documentclass for articles - Generate documentclass for books
document.xml.language - Select localisation language
latex.language.option - Select babel option
generate.latex.common.preamble - Common LaTeX preamble shared by articles and books, and other document classes. Most of the packages and package options are managed here.
generate.latex.draft.preamble - Common LaTeX preamble shared by article and book when their status is draft.
generate.latex.essential.preamble - Unavoidable LaTeX preamble shared by articles and books
latex.float.preamble - Preamble for certain floats
latex.pdf.preamble -
latex.hyperref.preamble - Manage the part of the preamble that handles the hyperref package.
latex.math.preamble - LaTeX mathematics support
latex.graphicext - Declared graphic extensions
XXXVIII. Procedures procedure.mod.xsl
procedure - Process procedure elements
procedure/title - Process a procedure's title
step - Process step elements
generate.step.title - Generate a step's title
substeps - Process substep elements
XXXIX. QandaSet qandaset.mod.xsl
qandaset - Process qandadiv elements
qandaset/qandaentry - Process qandadiv elements
qandadiv - Process qandadiv elements
question - Process question elements
answer - Process answer elements
label - Process label elements
qandadiv (in qandatoc.mode mode) - Process qandadiv elements
qandadiv/title (in qandatoc.mode mode) - Process a qandadiv's title elements
qandaentry (in qandatoc.mode mode) - Process qandaentry elements
question (in qandatoc.mode mode) - Process question elements
answer (in qandatoc.mode mode) - Process answer elements
revhistory (in qandatoc.mode mode) - Process revhistory elements
XL. References and Entries refentry.mod.xsl
reference - Process reference elements
refentry - Process refentry elements
refmeta - Process refentry elements
refentrytitle - Process refentrytitle elements
manvolnum - Process manvolnum elements
refnamediv - Process refnamediv elements
refname - Process refname elements
refpurpose - Process refpurpose elements
refdescriptor - Process refdescriptor elements
refclass - Process refclass elements
refsynopsisdiv - Process refsynopsisdiv elements
refsect1|refsect2|refsect3 - Process refsect elements
XLI. Revision Management revision.mod.xsl
revhistory - Process revhistory elements
revision - Process revision elements
revision/authorinitials - Process a revision's authorinitials elements
revnumber - Process revnumber elements
revision/date - Process a revision's date elements
revremark - Process revremark elements
revdescription - Process revdescription elements
XLII. LaTeX Active-character Escaping
scape - General text escaping for LaTeX active characters
scape-indexterm - Escape characters for use with index LaTeX command
scape-verbatim - Verbatim-text escaping for LaTeX active characters
scape-href - Escape characters for use with the hyperref LaTeX package
scape-url - Escape characters for use with the url LaTeX package
scape-optionalarg - Escape the ] character in LaTeX optional arguments (experimental)
scape-slash - Basic line-breaking for verbatim text
XLIII. Sections sections.mod.xsl
sect1|sect2|sect3|sect4|sect5 - Process explicitly-nested sections
section|simplesect - Process recursive and leaf sections
XLIV. SGML Tags sgmltag.mod.xsl
sgmltag - Process sgmltag elements
XLV. Tables table.mod.xsl
table - Process table elements
informaltable - Process informaltable elements
table.format.tabularx - Process tables using tabularx
table.format.tabular - Process tables using tabular
generate.starfactor - Calculate relative column sizes
tgroup - Process tgroup elements
colspec - Process colspec elements
spanspec - Process spanspec elements
thead - Process thead elements
thead.longtable.caption (in longtable.caption mode) - Process thead elements
thead.longtable.caption.continuation (in longtable.caption.continuation mode) - Process thead elements
tfoot - Process tfoot elements
tfoot.longtable.caption (in longtable.caption mode) - Process tfoot elements
tfoot.longtable.caption.continued (in longtable.caption.continued mode) - Process tfoot elements
thead/row/entry - Process a thead's entry elements
tfoot/row/entry - Process a tfoot's entry elements
tbody - Process tbody elements
tbody/row - Process a tbody's row elements
thead/row - Process a thead's row elements
tfoot/row - Process a tfoot's row elements
XLVI. LaTeX-only Commands texmath.mod.xsl
alt - Process alt elements
latex|tex - Process latex and tex elements
latex[@fileref]|tex[@fileref] - Process fileref elements
inlineequation - Process inlineequation elements
XLVII. Verbatim verbatim.mod.xsl
verbatim.apply.templates - Auxiliary template to output verbatim LaTeX code in verbatim mode
address|screen|programlisting|literallayout - Process verbatim environment where whitespace is significant
literal (in latex.verbatim mode) - Process literal elements
XLVIII. Cross References xref.mod.xsl
anchor - Process anchor elements - Auxiliary named template
xref.xreflabel - Auxiliary named template
xref|link - Xref and Link XSL Template
generate.xref.text - Generate xref text
generate.hyperlink - Choose hyperlink syntax
insert.label.markup (in insert.label.markup mode) - Numbering template
title (in insert.label.markup mode) - Numbering template -- uses parent's @id
generate.title.markup (in insert.title.markup mode) - Format titles in xref text
title (in insert.title.markup mode) - Format titles in xref text
book (in insert.title.markup mode) - Format titles in xref text
ulink - A link that addresses its target by means of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
olink - OLink XSL template
generate.typeset.url - Typeset a URL using the url or href commands
generate.string.url - Escape and hyphenate a string as a teletype URL.
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1. Processing the warning admonition
2. Using BibTeX with DB2LaTeX