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Tables table.mod.xsl

Ramon Casellas

James Devenish

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Revision History
Revision 1.24 May-January 2004  
Major review of documentation.

Table of Contents

table - Process table elements
informaltable - Process informaltable elements
table.format.tabularx - Process tables using tabularx
table.format.tabular - Process tables using tabular
generate.starfactor - Calculate relative column sizes
tgroup - Process tgroup elements
colspec - Process colspec elements
spanspec - Process spanspec elements
thead - Process thead elements
thead.longtable.caption (in longtable.caption mode) - Process thead elements
thead.longtable.caption.continuation (in longtable.caption.continuation mode) - Process thead elements
tfoot - Process tfoot elements
tfoot.longtable.caption (in longtable.caption mode) - Process tfoot elements
tfoot.longtable.caption.continued (in longtable.caption.continued mode) - Process tfoot elements
thead/row/entry - Process a thead's entry elements
tfoot/row/entry - Process a tfoot's entry elements
tbody - Process tbody elements
tbody/row - Process a tbody's row elements
thead/row - Process a thead's row elements
tfoot/row - Process a tfoot's row elements