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glossary — Process glossary [2.0.9] elements


<xsl:template match="glossary">
<xsl:variable name="divs" select="glossdiv"/>
<xsl:variable name="entries" select="glossentry"/>
<xsl:variable name="preamble" select="node()[not(self::glossaryinfo or self::title or self::subtitle or self::titleabbrev or self::glossdiv or self::glossentry or self::bibliography)]"/>

A. Description

The glossary [2.0.9] element is the entry point to a DocBook glossary. The DB2LaTeX processing of the element is quite straight- forward. First thing is to check whether the document is a book [2.0.9] or article [2.0.9]. In both cases, two new LaTeX commands are defined: \dbglossary and \dbglossdiv. In the former case, they are mapped to \chapter* and \section*. In the second case to \section* and \subsection*. The \begin{description} environment is used for glossentries [2.0.9].

B. Pertinent Variables

There are no configuration variables for this template.

D. DocBook Compliance and LaTeX Notes

  • Call template map.begin.

  • Apply Templates for Preamble, GlossDivs and GlossEntries (serial).

  • Call template map.end.

This template requires LaTeX commands that are part of the “essential preamble”.

E. Samples and Tests

test_book.pdf from test_book/test.xml, test_gloss.pdf from test_gloss/test.xml, test_ieeebiblio.pdf from test_ieeebiblio/test.xml, test_mapping.pdf from test_mapping/test.xml

F. Further Reading