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Books and Articles book-article.mod.xsl

Ramon Casellas

James Devenish

$Id: book-article.mod.xsl,v 1.43 2004/08/12 06:18:58 j-devenish Exp $

Revision History
Revision 1.28 May-January 2004  
Major review of documentation.

Most DocBook documents are either articles [2.0.9] or books [2.0.9], so this XSL template file is a classical entry point when processing DocBook documents.

Table of Contents

book - Process a DocBook book document
book/title - Process title elements
book/subtitle - Process subtitle elements
book/bookinfo/title - Process title elements
book/bookinfo/subtitle - Process subtitle elements
book/bookinfo - Process bookinfo elements
generate.bookinfo.copyright - Process bookinfo's copyright elements
bookinfo/copyright - Process bookinfo's copyright elements
book/article - Process a book's article elements
article - Process a DocBook article document
articleinfo/date|artheader/date - Process date in articleinfo elements
article/artheader|article/articleinfo (in standalone.article mode) - Process articleinfo in article elements
article/artheader|article/articleinfo (in mode) - Process articleinfo in article elements
legalnotice - Process legalnotice elements
legalnotice.title - Choose a title for legalnotices
toc - Generate and typeset a toc
lot - Generate and typeset a toc
generate.latex.pagestyle - Choose the preferred page style for document body