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Authorgroups authorgroup.mod.xsl
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authorgroup — Process authorgroup [2.0.9] elements


<xsl:template match="authorgroup" name="authorgroup">
<xsl:param name="person.list" select="./author|./corpauthor|./othercredit|./editor"/>

A. Description

Formats a list of authors for typsetting as a formatted block (not inline).

Applies templates for author [2.0.9] elements, inserting “and” between authors' names.

B. Pertinent Variables

There are no configuration variables for this template.

C. Template Parameters


The nodes to be formatted. By default, the template will select child::author, child::corpauthor, child::othercredit and child::editor for the current node.

D. DocBook Compliance and LaTeX Notes

May be called from any template when the current node has author [2.0.9], editor [2.0.9], corpauthor [2.0.9] or othercredit [2.0.9] children.

This template uses from db2latex/xsl/common/common.xsl to format the list of authors.

For compatibility with LaTeX, normalize-scape is called on the output of This may pose problems but has not been investigated.

E. Samples and Tests

test_article.pdf from test_article/article.xml, test_biblio.pdf from test_biblio/test.xml, test_bind_Bv9ARM-book.pdf from test_bind/Bv9ARM-book.xml, test_book.pdf from test_book/test.xml, test_ieeebiblio.pdf from test_ieeebiblio/test.xml, test_minimal.pdf from test_minimal/minimal.xml