MediaObjects mediaobject.mod.xsl
Reference Section


mediacontent — Process media and inline media



A. Description

Formats image media. Would be good to be able to include text media, too, so that mixed-content figures look proper.

B. Pertinent Variables

There are no configuration variables for this template.

D. DocBook Compliance and LaTeX Notes

The template first attempts to obtain a count of the number of media within this figure [2.0.9], if this is within a figure. If the number of objects is greater than one, a \subfigure command will be invoked with the contents of any caption [2.0.9]. If there are no imageobjects [2.0.9], textobjects [2.0.9] will be selected. Otherwise, the following algorithm will be used:

  1. If use.role.for.mediaobject is set and there is an imageobject [2.0.9] with a role equal to the current preferred.mediaobject.role then that object will be used.

  2. Otherwise, if use.role.for.mediaobject is set and there is an imageobject with a role of “latex” or “tex”, that object will be used.

  3. Otherwise, if is set and there are imagedata with non-empty format attributes, and at least one of them has a matching format, then the first one of those objects is used. If none match, then the first imagedata with an empty format is used. Otherwise, the first textobject [2.0.9] is used.

  4. Otherwise, the first imageobject is used regardless.