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Parameters: Common Options param-common.mod.xsl

Ramon Casellas

James Devenish

$Id: param-common.mod.xsl,v 1.12 2004/01/26 13:25:17 j-devenish Exp $

Revision History
Revision 1.1 May-January 2004  
Major review of documentation.

This file contains parameters that are shared with other XSL stylesheets such as those as (see Parameter References in the DocBook XSL Stylesheet Reference Documentation). These are parameters are honoured so that you can coordinate your XHTML or FO stylesheets with DB2LaTeX.


In some stylesheets, tests of parameter values use “!=0” logic. However, DB2LaTeX uses “=1” logic. This means that empty parameters are “off” in DB2LaTeX but “on” in those other stylesheets. The XPath values “true()” and “false()” work as expected.

Table of Contents - LaTeX location for admonition graphics - Control the escaping of alt text
show.comments - Display remark and comment elements? - Control the display of othername elements in authors
biblioentry.item.separator - Separator for bibliography items
toc.section.depth - Cull table-of-contents entries that are deeply nested
section.depth - Control the automatic numbering of section, parts, and chapters
graphic.default.extension - Default filename extension for includegraphics
use.role.for.mediaobject - Control mediaobject selection methods
preferred.mediaobject.role - Control mediaobject selection methods
formal.title.placement - Specifies where formal component titles should occur - Control the appearance of page numbers in cross references - Control the display of URLs after ulinks
ulink.footnotes - Control the generation of footnotes for ulinks - Honour role as proxy for xrefstyle
refentry.xref.manvolnum - Choose whether to include manvolnum in cross-references - Control the use of NAME headers
rootid - Process only one element tree within a document