variablelist/title orderedlist/title itemizedlist/title simplelist/title
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Ramon Casellas

James Devenish

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Revision History
Revision 1.16 May-January 2004  
Major review of documentation.

Table of Contents

variablelist/title|orderedlist/title|itemizedlist/title|simplelist/title - Process titles for variablelist, orderedlist, itemizedlist and simplelist elements
listitem - Process listitem elements
itemizedlist - Process itemizedlist elements
variablelist - Process variablelist elements
orderedlist - Process orderedlist elements
varlistentry - Process varlistentry elements
varlistentry/term - Process varlistentry's term elements
varlistentry/listitem - Process listitem elements
generate.simplelist.tabular.string - Generate a tabular specification
generate.simplelist.inline - Process simplelist elements with inline members
generate.simplelist.horiz - Process simplelist elements with horiz members
generate.simplelist.vert - Process simplelist elements with vert members
member - Process member elements
segmentedlist - Process segmentedlist elements
segmentedlist/title - Process titles for segmentedlist elements
segtitle - Process segtitle elements
seglistitem - Process seglistitem elements
seg - Process seg elements