Chapter 2. DocBook Element Templates
Reference Section

DocBook Driver docbook.xsl

Ramon Casellas

James Devenish

$Id: docbook.xsl,v 1.14 2004/01/04 09:03:25 j-devenish Exp $

Revision History
Revision 1.10 May-January 2004  
Major review of documentation.

This is the “parent” stylesheet. The used “modules” are included here. The output encoding is text in ISO-8859-1, indented. Parameters may be found in param-common.xsl, param-switch.xsl and param-direct.xsl. Users may use this stylesheets directory or may construct their own “customisation layer” that uses xsl:import. Users may also override the default LaTeX mappings.

An id XSLT key is defined for all elements, matching their id attribute, to work around xsltproc bugs.

Table of Contents

/ - Root node
* - Catches unhandled elements