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French (fr) — Generic French-language phrases and symbols


If no localisations are available in another language, DB2LaTeX will use the English “localisations”.

blockquote gentext

<gentext key="blockquote" text=""/>

formalpara gentext

<gentext key="formalpara" text="paragraphe"/>

nonexistantelement gentext

<gentext key="nonexistantelement" text="element non-existant"/>

glossseealso gentext

<gentext key="glossseealso" text="Voir aussi"/>

keyword gentext

<gentext key="keyword" text="Mot Clé"/>

keywords gentext

<gentext key="keywords" text="Mots Clés"/>

keywordset gentext

<gentext key="keywordset" text="Mots Clés"/>

the section called gentext

<gentext key="the section called" text="the section called"/>

startquote dingbat

<dingbat key="startquote" text="«"/>

endquote dingbat

<dingbat key="endquote" text="»"/>

nestedstartquote dingbat

<dingbat key="nestedstartquote" text="{``}"/>

nestedendquote dingbat

<dingbat key="nestedendquote" text="{''}"/>

singlestartquote dingbat

<dingbat key="singlestartquote" text="\guilsinglleft{}"/>

singleendquote dingbat

<dingbat key="singleendquote" text="\guilsinglright{}"/>

urlstartquote dingbat

<dingbat key="urlstartquote" text="{\textless}"/>

urlendquote dingbat

<dingbat key="urlendquote" text="{\textgreater}"/>

bullet dingbat

<dingbat key="bullet" text="\textbullet{}"/>

decimalpoint dingbat

<dingbat key="decimalpoint" text="."/>

latexdecimal dingbat

<dingbat key="latexdecimal" text="."/>

naturalinlinelist context

start template

<template name="start"/>

middle template

<template name="middle">, </template>

lastoftwo template

<template name="lastoftwo"> et </template>

lastofmany template

<template name="lastofmany">, et </template>

end template

<template name="end">. </template>

naturalblocklist context

start template

<template name="start"/>

middle template

<template name="middle">, </template>

lastoftwo template

<template name="lastoftwo">, </template>

lastofmany template

<template name="lastofmany">, </template>

end template

<template name="end"/>

xref context

page.citation template

<template name="page.citation"> à la page %p</template>

xref-number context

appendix template

<template name="appendix"><Appendix/> %n</template>

chapter template

<template name="chapter"><Chapter/> %n, %t</template>

reference template

<template name="reference"><Reference/> %n</template>

datetime context

htmlhelp context

langcode template

<template name="langcode">0x040C French (FRANCE)</template>