Chapter 2. DocBook Element Templates
Reference Section

Chapter 1. DocBook Element Coverage

DocBook elements are listed below. Those in bold are directly documented in DB2LaTeX. Asterisks denote the presence of a customisable DB2LaTeX “mapping” entry (see The DB2LaTeX mapping system latex.mapping.xsl).

abbrev abstract* accel ackno
acronym action address affiliation
alt anchor answer [3.1] appendix*
appendixinfo [4.0] application area areaset
areaspec arg article* articleinfo [4.0]
artpagenums attribution audiodata [3.1] audioobject [3.1]
author authorblurb authorgroup authorinitials
beginpage bibliocoverage [4.2] bibliodiv biblioentry
bibliography bibliographyinfo [4.0] biblioid [4.2] bibliomisc
bibliomixed bibliomset bibliorelation [4.2] biblioset
bibliosource [4.2] blockinfo [4.2] blockquote* book*
bookinfo bridgehead callout calloutlist
caption [3.1] caution chapter* chapterinfo [4.0]
citation citebiblioid [4.2] citerefentry citetitle
city classname classsynopsis [4.0] classsynopsisinfo [4.0]
cmdsynopsis co collab collabname
colophon* [3.1] colspec command computeroutput
confdates confgroup confnum confsponsor
conftitle constant [3.1] constraint [EBNF] constraintdef [EBNF]
constructorsynopsis [4.0] contractnum contractsponsor contrib
copyright coref [4.2] corpauthor corpname
country database date dedication*
destructorsynopsis [4.0] edition editor email
emphasis entry entrytbl envar
epigraph* equation* errorcode errorname
errortext [4.2] errortype example* exceptionname [4.0]
fax fieldsynopsis [4.0] figure* filename
firstname firstterm footnote footnoteref
foreignphrase formalpara* funcdef funcparams
funcprototype funcsynopsis funcsynopsisinfo function
glossary* glossaryinfo [4.0] glossdef glossdiv*
glossentry glosslist* glosssee glossseealso
glossterm graphic graphicco group
guibutton guiicon guilabel guimenu
guimenuitem guisubmenu hardware highlights
holder honorific html:form [HTMLForms] imagedata [3.1]
imageobject [3.1] imageobjectco [3.1] important index*
indexdiv indexentry indexinfo [4.0] indexterm
informalequation informalexample informalfigure* [3.1] informaltable*
initializer [4.0] inlineequation inlinegraphic inlinemediaobject [3.1]
interface interfacename [4.0] invpartnumber isbn
issn issuenum itemizedlist itermset
jobtitle keycap keycode keycombo
keysym keyword keywordset* label
legalnotice lhs [EBNF] lineage lineannotation
link listitem literal literallayout
lot lotentry manvolnum markup
medialabel mediaobject [3.1] mediaobjectco [3.1] member
menuchoice methodname [4.0] methodparam [4.0] methodsynopsis [4.0]
mml:math [MathML] modespec modifier [4.0] mousebutton
msg msgaud msgentry msgexplan
msginfo msglevel msgmain msgorig
msgrel msgset msgsub msgtext
nonterminal [EBNF] note objectinfo [3.1] olink
ooclass [4.0] ooexception [4.0] oointerface [4.0] option
optional orderedlist orgdiv orgname
otheraddr othercredit othername pagenums
para paramdef parameter part*
partinfo [4.0] partintro* personblurb [4.2] personname [4.2]
phone phrase pob postcode
preface* prefaceinfo [4.0] primary primaryie
printhistory procedure production [EBNF] productionrecap [EBNF]
productionset [EBNF] productname productnumber programlisting*
programlistingco prompt property pubdate
publisher publishername pubsnumber qandadiv [3.1]
qandaentry [3.1] qandaset [3.1] question [3.1] quote
refclass refdescriptor refentry* refentryinfo [4.0]
refentrytitle reference* referenceinfo [4.0] refmeta
refmiscinfo refname refnamediv refpurpose
refsect1* refsect1info refsect2* refsect2info
refsect3* refsect3info refsection [4.2] refsectioninfo [4.2]
refsynopsisdiv refsynopsisdivinfo releaseinfo remark [4.0]
replaceable returnvalue revdescription [4.0] revhistory*
revision revnumber revremark rhs [EBNF]
row sbr screen screenco
screeninfo screenshot secondary secondaryie
sect1* sect1info sect2* sect2info
sect3* sect3info sect4* sect4info
sect5* sect5info section [3.1] sectioninfo [3.1]
see seealso seealsoie seeie
seg seglistitem segmentedlist segtitle
seriesvolnums set* setindex* setindexinfo [4.0]
setinfo sgmltag shortaffil shortcut
sidebar sidebarinfo [4.0] simpara simplelist
simplemsgentry [4.0] simplesect spanspec state
step street structfield structname
subject subjectset subjectterm subscript
substeps subtitle superscript surname
svg:svg [SVG] symbol synopfragment synopfragmentref
synopsis systemitem table* tbody
term tertiary tertiaryie textdata [4.2]
textobject [3.1] tfoot tgroup thead
tip title titleabbrev toc
tocback tocchap tocentry tocfront
toclevel1 toclevel2 toclevel3 toclevel4
toclevel5 tocpart token trademark
type ulink userinput varargs
variablelist varlistentry varname [3.1] videodata [3.1]
videoobject [3.1] void volumenum warning
wordasword xref year