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Parameters: DB2LaTeX
Switches param-switch.mod.xsl

Ramon Casellas

James Devenish

$Id: param-switch.mod.xsl,v 1.19 2004/08/12 12:04:36 j-devenish Exp $

Revision History
Revision 1.1 May-January 2004  
Major review of documentation.

The values of parameters in this file are used to influence the behaviour of DB2LaTeX templates through the selection of pre-defined options. All parameter names begin with “latex.”.


In some stylesheets, tests of parameter values use “!=0” logic. However, DB2LaTeX uses “=1” logic. This means that empty parameters are “off” in DB2LaTeX but “on” in those other stylesheets. The XPath values “true()” and “false()” work as expected.

Table of Contents

latex.caption.lot.titles.only - Control the display of captions in lists of figures.
latex.bibfiles - Control the output of the \bibliography{.bib}. - Controls the output of LaTeX packages and commands to support documents with math commands and environments..
latex.output.revhistory - Controls if the revision history table is generated as the first document table.
latex.fancybox.options - Options for fancybox - Controls the output of LaTeX commands to support the generation of PDF files.
latex.generate.indexterm - Enable the generation of indexterms
latex.hyphenation.tttricks - DB2LaTeX hyphenation linebreak tricks
latex.decimal.point - Decimal point for LaTeX tables
latex.trim.verbatim - Toggle the trimming of leading and trailing whitespace in verbatim environments
latex.use.ltxtable - Toggle the use of the ltxtable LaTeX package
latex.use.longtable - Toggle the use of the longtable LaTeX package
latex.use.overpic - Toggle the use of the overpic LaTeX package
latex.use.umoline - Toggle the use of the umoline LaTeX package
latex.use.url - Toggle the use of the url LaTeX package - Toggle the use of the the draft preamble
latex.use.varioref - Toggle the use of the varioref LaTeX package
latex.use.fancyhdr - Toggle the use of the fancyhdr LaTeX package - Control the inclusion of chapter titles in lots - Configure the application of truncation partitions
latex.fancyhdr.truncation.partition - Configure the width of header portions on each page - Section/chapter style for fancy headers
latex.use.parskip - Toggle the use of the parskip LaTeX package
latex.use.noindent - Toggle the use of noindent commands
latex.use.subfigure - Toggle the use of the subfigure LaTeX package
latex.use.rotating - Toggle the use of the rotating LaTeX package
latex.use.tabularx - Toggle the use of the tabularx LaTeX package
latex.use.dcolumn - Toggle the use of the dcolumn LaTeX package
latex.use.hyperref - Toggle the use of the hyperref LaTeX package
latex.use.fancybox - Toggle the use of the fancybox LaTeX package
latex.use.fancyvrb - Toggle the use of the fancyvrb LaTeX package
latex.use.isolatin1 - Toggle the use of the isolatin1 LaTeX package
latex.use.ucs - Choose whether to use the unicode LaTeX package
latex.biblio.output - Control which references are cited in the bibliography - Control bibliographic citation style
latex.caption.swapskip - Improved typesetting of captions - Control imagedata selection.
latex.entities - Control Unicode character handling. - Control the use of otherterm attributes - Control the use of alt text
latex.apply.title.templates - Whether to apply templates for component titles.
latex.apply.title.templates.admonitions - Whether to apply templates for admonition titles.
latex.url.quotation - Whether to delimit URLs with quotation characters
latex.ulink.protocols.relaxed - Control string comparison for ulinks - Control the suppression of headers/footers on blank pages in double-side documents