Tables table.mod.xsl
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table — Process table [2.0.9] elements


<xsl:template match="table"/>

A. Description

B. Pertinent Variables
The LaTeX command for formatting captions.

D. DocBook Compliance and LaTeX Notes

Unless latex.use.ltxtable is in use, tables are typeset as “floats” using the mapping system. This limits the size of each table to one page. It is possible to use tables without floats, but captions and cross-referencing will not function as intended.

If a condition attribute exists and begins with “db2latex:”, or a <?latex-float-placement> processing instruction is present, the remainder of its value will be used as the LaTeXfloat” placement. Otherwise, the default placement is “htb”.

The <?db2latex-no-caption> processing instruction can be used to suppress the emission of the title as a caption in LaTeX.

E. Samples and Tests

test_book.pdf from test_book/test.xml, test_ecos_user-guide.pdf from test_ecos/user-guide.xml, test_pinkjuice_vimxml.pdf from test_pinkjuice/vimxml.xml, test_tables.pdf from test_tables/test.xml

F. Further Reading